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The "Ciência Viva" Science Centre (Centro Ciência Viva de Vila do Conde) is a multifunctional space of science and technology, aimed to the diffusion of scientific and technological knowledge through observation and experimentation. This Science Centre was opened on the 28th of September 2001, through the constitution of a partnership between a governmental agency (Ciência Viva – Agência Nacional para a Cultura Científica e Tecnológica), the City Hall (Município de Vila do Conde) and the Oporto University, and opened to public on the 2 of March 2002.

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ATIVIDADES 2016/2017

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The main goal of our Birthday Parties Animation is to simulate the youngest to discovery of Science, using simple materials of everyday´s life or more sophisticated laboratory sets and allowing active participation on experimental activity, is the main goal of our Birthday Parties Animation. [ more... ]
interactive exhibition

If for a few minutes were a microorganism and able to enter a blood vessel and follow the path of red blood cells, white cells and platelets, do you know which other journey companions you would find?
Some "obstacles" could show up in your way! Would a balanced and healthy lifestyle contribute to get these obstacles out of your way?
You can find answers in the exhibition and activities that the Science Center of Vila do Conde proposes. [ more... ]
Teachers Professional Development

The teachers Professional Development of Centro Ciência Viva de Vila do Condseis recognized by the Council of Scientific and Conselho Científico-Pedagógico da Formação Contínua de Professores (CCPFC) - Nº CCPFC/ENT-NI-0075/10 since November 2010. [ more... ]

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